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  3. Catch me at the fuddruckers meet tonight! No more straight pipe so she’s quiet again. #bmw #e28 #euro #nofilter @e28_fanatics


  4. Posted in Oceanside!


  5. It’s on. Got my #e34 bumper onto my #e28! Thanks @slownaaasty @joshhh_are @landon__brown @justinabrea @_jsquared πŸ‘


  6. My E28! Slowly progressing.


  7. My E28. A work in progress forsure. It’s almost been a year since I first picked her up in Long Beach. I couldn’t be more thankful to have the car of my dreams.Β 


  8. Where my heart’s at currently #notsorry #bmw #e28


  9. Just one more. Hardly ever show the rear end.


  10. Mini shoot this morning before work. Doing it all over when I get home.


  11. Hit 331k going to SD! Still running strong! #bmw #e28


  12. She’s a beauty πŸ’•β€πŸ’• #e28 #bmw


  13. Sometimes I hate cleaning these. E38 Style 5’s #e28 #bmw #wheelwednesday #style5



  15. Looking back at how far I’ve come so far with my car. I would love it eitherway, but g’damn.