1. Friday. The 13th..

    Do you believe in this superstition? I don’t, it’s whatever. Coincidence is all anything is. Shit happens. That’s exactly what happened to happen to today. Shit happened. I woke up thinking it would just be a normal Friday you know. It started out that way. Went out for a mid-day ride with Ozzy (@whereewaldo) and then planned to go to cruising’ grand later that day. We did end up going through it a little bit during a photoshoot with Kevin (@ispycleanimports). This is where shit goes downhill. We were on our way to the hospitals parking garage to get a better lit shot. We all got split up at one point due to traffic and what not. During the time we were all trying to get back together, my car starts acting up… I pull into a parking spot and check out my oil level you know. My car is older it burns oil regularly. I noticed it was low on oil, filled it up, and thought I’d be on my way. NOPE! Not easily atleast. I made it down the garage where everyone was at and by that the problem became more serious. The car really struggled to get going. I got it started and we made it out of the garage atleast. Hot as hell in there, given that we were a few floors underground. Once we’re outside we try to bump start it. Tried but no avail. So here we are stuck at palomar hospital’s parking lot. I obviously need a tow home, can’t just leave my car there. Two options. Call a tow truck like anyone else would do, OR, pull it home ourselves. The tow truck was chargin $60 for the hook up and then $6 every mile it’s pulled. Most would’ve chosen that route. I didn’t. I decided to get pulled home with the help of Ozzy’s dad and his truck. As you could imagine, it’s illegal and it’s not too safe. Fuck it. We were on our way and it was crazy that we were really going through with it. Everything was going along pretty smoothly and then we got to Fig and El Norte. Ripped one of my tow hooks out. Here we are, at the stop light trying to hook the car up to another spot. I was thinking about just calling the tow truck from there, but we were already half way there, might as well just finish what we started. Ozzy and his dad were re-doing the tow rope and next thing you know a cop notices us and pulls over to us. I thought it was all over from there. Tickets for our violation, and I would have to get it towed home anyway.¬†Fuuuck. But no. Ozzy tells him the car just stalled out and we have it under control. He just tells us to get it out of the way. You know when you get away with lying to your parents for the first time? It kind of felt like that to me. So we pull to the side, hook it back up and we’re on our way. Probably about another mile to my house we see a Sheriff. He’s making a left and we’re making a right. I thought for sure he’d see us. Francis(@damnwocka) tells me he was just busy eating though.. damn pig.. My car is back at home now, out of harms way. I don’t care about what was lost on my car. They’re nothing major. I get the principle though. Ozzy and his dad feel bad about ripping off my tow hook and busting my fog lights. I don’t like those foglights hanging down from those diving board bumpers anyway. My tow hook? Oh well. The day I get euro-bumpers would’ve been the day I would’ve had to grind those down anyway. Like Manny said, less work later. I’m ready for my parents and my older brother to tell me. “That’s what you get for getting such an old car… problems.” I don’t care. I love the car for what it is. It’s my problem by choice. How should I feel about all this? How would you feel? Right now, I really don’t mind it too much. I’m just bummed I can’t drive it to work tomorrow. I know and Ozzy and his dad feel bad for what was lost on the car. If you read this man, don’t even trip. Forreal. I don’t mind, shit happens. I’m just looking towards the brighter side of things. I guess I’d be lying if I said I felt pretty neutral about all of this, but that’s how it feels for the moment. It’ll hit me tomorrow morning. Thanks though to everyone that was there. Francis, Stephen, Ozzy, Manny, Kevin, Sean, my older brother, Thanks. I’ll just keep in mind that things could be worse. Right? Stay positive. Happy Friday the 13th.¬†